Set of Decorative Mesh Tubing - Christmas Colors - Red, Green, Silver, Gold - for Making Wreaths, Decor, Gift-Wrapping, and More! - 36 ft. Each

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These bundles of mesh tubing are an essential material for your crafting or decorating kit. You can use them to create wreaths, flowers, hair accessories, cable covers, centerpieces, bracelets, invitations; the possibilities are endless! You can also use them as a decorative medium anywhere in your house, (think of it is an upgraded garland) just wrap and tape.



  • Measurements - 36 ft. / 11 m Per Bundle
  • Includes 4 Christmas Colors for Your Jolly Decorating - Red, Green, Gold, and Silver
  • Can be Used to Make Flowers, Bracelets, Wreaths, Decor, and Much More!
  • Utilize These in Almost any Project for a Metallic Pop of Color


(No reviews yet) Write a Review