Black Duck Brand Set of 8 - Foam Kneeling Pads Garden Knee Mat/Gardening Seat Cushion

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Product Overview

  • Includes (8) assorted foam kneeling pads
  • Great for gardening, but it is also great for baby bath time, household chores, exercise and yoga, camping, sport events, home installation and repair, auto repair, and perfect for tradesmen of all kinds including floorers, plumbers, painters, carpenters, mechanics, even school students and especially for the gardeners!
  • Black Duck Brand kneeling pads are multi-functional and can be used in numerous ways. It can be used outside or inside, by professionals or amateurs, in a sunny or rainy day. It can be used when gardening, cleaning, bathing your baby; furthermore it can be used when praying or as a laptop pad. Be creative, use it your own way!
  • Protects your knees both indoors and outdoors from rough or sharp elements like stones and rocks while providing you the best comfort, protection and pain free support getting up or down


(No reviews yet) Write a Review