Fudgy Bombs Hot Cocoa Bombs - Just Add Hot Milk! - Perfect For Winter Holiday Celebrations

Fudgy Bomb

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These luscious milk chocolate bombs are filled with gourmet cocoa mix and marshmallow surprises... ready to place in a mug and drench with hot milk for an explosion of rich, decadent goodness! Easy to make and impossible to resist, Fudgy Bombs are made with smooth, 100% milk chocolate, rich gourmet cocoa, luscious marshmallow and a pinch of sweet magic. As you pour the hot milk on top of the smooth chocolate bomb, it melts away to release all the luxurious goodness. Just stir the hot chocolate bomb mix to combine -- and enjoy an intensely chocolaty cocoa with a rich, complex flavor, velvety texture and delightful aroma. Kids and chocolate lovers of all ages will be smitten with Fudgy Bombs hot cocoa bombs, and they make fun Christmas treats ant hot chocolate gifts for holidays, birthdays or any occasion.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review