Set of Netted Coco Coir Pellets - 38mm - Seed Starter Pellets - Expands with Water - Provides Seeds with The Optimum Starting Soil

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Make starting your new garden a breeze by having the optimum nutrient and saturated soil that seeds need to sprout. Unlike peat pots, coco pellets can hold more water - giving you a more forgiving gardening experience! This means less stress, and less dried out seedlings! Coco pucks also provide more aeration than soil, allowing less mold to be able to grow AND aiding germination by oxygenating the roots, making them grow stronger. On top of all those benefits, our netted pucks are also transplantable! When your seedlings are ready to be moved from your starting tray / pot out to the garden, all you need to do is place the entire netted soil sock with your seedling into the soil. Doing this mitigates root loss and transplant shock - allowing much better chances than the traditional way of pulling your plant from the potting soil and placing the naked plant into the outside dirt.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review